Personal Projects

Personal Website Creator 2022 - present
(The website you are currenly on) Hosted on GitHub. Uses Hugo & theme PaperMod to render Markdown pages. 🆕 Comments using which uses Github Discussions for storing comments.
Open Source Gallery Creator & Maintainer 2021 - present
Open-Source-Gallery provides you with all the resources needed to become a good open-source contributor. The motive🎯 of this project is to help new learners to get familiar with the world of open-source.
ZeroOctave Javascript Projects Creator & Maintainer 2021 - present
Started to practice my web development skills but made open to more contributors later. This repository now contains 150+ mini projects created using HTML, CSS & Javascript.
Resource Gallery Creator & Maintainer 2023 - present
This repository contains a list of resources for learning web development, machine learning, open source, and other programming languages. Made using Astro & hosted on Cloudflare Pages for managing DNS records.
Hacktoberfest Swags Creator 2022
Made for new contributors to find some good issues and solve it during Hacktoberfest. Curated some good opportunities to grab cool swags by adding value to awesome projects. Contribute quality, and Get rewarded!

Open Source Contributions

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