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Developer Tech🔮

A curated list of Gadgets a developer needs in the different price ranges.

This Amazon idealist is a great place to find gadgets, tools, and other things that you can use if you have no idea about the tech needed for a proper setup.

Resources Gallery📔

If you want to find resources realted to following topics:

  • 🌐 Web Development
  • 🤖 Machine Learning
  • 📚 Open Source (Updating New Contents)
  • ☕ Programmers Must Know
  • 🐍 Python
  • 🔥 Web3/Blockchain
  • ⚡ Low-Code/No-Code

Huge resources gallery in making….


ZeroOctave is a GitHub Organization.

welcomes newbies to Open Source. Contribute in our organization to enhance your skills and obviously our source codes.

Hackathon & Opportunity🎊

Hackathon & Opportunity is a Showwcase community.

Find hackathons, open-source, and various good opportunities. Many hackathon participants find it hard to get teammates, you can find them here by making a post.

You are welcome to share valuable opportunities to help students and beginners.

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