Who am I?

💡 I am a computer science student from India, currently looking for freelance technical writing and remote internships in software development industry or DevRel specific roles.

💡 You can also connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and through my LinkedIn.

💡 I mainly write technical blogs but you can collab with me on various other content form, checkout my services page for more details.

My Offer!

I have been writing promotional articles time to time for multiple SaaS and other platforms and it helped them to gain attention from more users, I distribute my articles across platforms and delivered few trending ones. You can check my best ones here.

This time I decided to do a promotional article for Indie Hackers who are building cool stuffs in public. I do charge for the tools to feature in by article list. But as you are building cool stuffs and no big pay check coming your way initially, I will feature your SaaS in free with giving top 3-5 slots to few Indie hackers that are willing to pay, I hope you understand this.

Example article format - https://mranand.com/blogs/top-15-must-try-ai-tools-for-professionals-in-2023/

What I Need from You?

  • If you’re offering any holiday discounts or pre-launch invites and you want to include it in my article, send it to me.
  • I am publishing this blog around 23 end or 24 start, so any kind of update you want to put out for future users, share it to me.
  • Any other things you want me to include, share it with me.


You can check platform links for the latest blog done in collaboration with you.

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Hackernoon (Takes up to 72hrs for manual review)

Just check the article and do let me know if anything needs to be changed, using the existing communication channel.

Note: I mainly publish on my personal website first and use canonical URL to republish it across different platforms without impacting SEO, ranking and indexing.


Please share your experience with me so that I can improve. Were my deliverables satisfactory? Has this collaboration been beneficial for you? Kindly provide your honest feedback below👇🏼. Your input will assist me in enhancing my work and featuring testimonials on my website. Thank you.