Embarking on an extraordinary journey at DevRel University has given me profound knowledge and invaluable insights. Guided by industry experts, each session has illuminated the world of Developer Relations (DevRel). In this blog, I’ll share the transformative learnings from each session, capturing the essence of my DevRel University experience.

1st Session: Developer Relations 101 - Building a DevRel Program from Scratch

Under Bianca Buzea’s guidance, I learned how to create a DevRel program from the beginning. We explored the importance of resources and building strong relationships with developers.

Key Learning: Building a DevRel program requires resources and strong connections with developers.

2nd Session: Developer Relations and Content Creation

Francesco Ciulla explained the connection between DevRel and content creation. I discovered how creating engaging content helps establish oneself in DevRel and opens job opportunities.

Key Learning: Content creation is essential in DevRel to make an impact and share knowledge.

3rd Session: Building Your First Demo Project

With Benjamin Memisevic, I learned to develop simple demos that showcase a product’s potential. These projects engage developers and strengthen relationships.

Key Learning: Compelling demos demonstrate a product’s value and engage developers.

5th Session: How to Land Your First DevRel Role

Hassan El Mghari shared insights on securing the first DevRel role. Personal branding and establishing an online presence are crucial for career opportunities.

Key Learning: Personal branding is key to landing the first DevRel role.

6th Session: Events: Meetups, Hackathons, and Conferences

Facundo Giuliani taught me how to organize and participate in events like meetups, hackathons, and conferences. This helps establish authority and forge connections.

Key Learning: Participating in events helps build authority and meaningful connections.

7th Session: Building DevRel Strategy - Now What Do You Do?

Corey Weathers explored DevRel strategy and how to assess effectiveness. Crafting impactful strategies and being adaptable are key to community growth and engagement.

Key Learning: Effective DevRel strategies drive community growth and require adaptability.


My journey at DevRel University has exceeded expectations, providing transformative knowledge. From building DevRel programs, creating content, and developing demos to landing roles, organizing events, and crafting strategies, each session revealed invaluable insights. These learnings shaped my understanding of Developer Relations, empowering me to forge connections, inspire innovation, and foster vibrant developer communities. I look forward to the path ahead.

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