Learning to code is an amazing thing. How you can code something interesting and then view its fascinating outcomes. But Doing it in the right way is also very important. While scrolling YouTube I found a video where some developers and community leaders were sharing their tips about programming.

In this Article, I am going to share 20 Top Tips From The Coding Community

1. Use Google

The developers’ best friend is Google. I don’t know who you are or how much experience you have, no one can remember everything. Learning how to google things itself is a required skill every developer should have. Finding resources to learn or to fix bugs google is going to help you with everything related to your coding journey. Googling is an Art! Learn it.

2. Pick Tech You Like

Choose something you like. JavaScript is trending now in web development, if you like it Great!. If you are not intrested in web development fine! choose App development or some other tech. just make sure to learn something you like.

3. Learn & Code

Always learn & code at the same time. This will help you to understand concepts properly. If you are learning something solve some questions related to the concepts.

4. Support Other Learners

If your classmates or someone is learning something or creating something. Help them with your knowledge, Support them. Supporting someone will going to help you to become a good developer. Talks about the things they did great, talk about the things they need to work upon. Don’t humiliate by saying every time: hey you are wrong! this sucks! that’s bad, Instead talk about it and explain the solution.

5. Write Out Your problem

Suppose you have a coding issue, when you write it out and started explaining it to someone you end up explaining it in your own brain. Sometimes You already figures out the answer before you even going to ask someone by seeing what you have written. So write out your problems before code.

6. Build & Practice

If you are learning to code, practice is the most important thing to follow across the learning period. Don’t stuck in tutorial hell. Learn and practice to get better. Suppose you are learning web development, create mini-projects after clearing every concept, and implement it.

7. Go At Your Own Pace

This is not a competition. If it takes you a long time to understand concepts, it’s OK. Don’t compare yourself with others, everyone’s mind is different. At the end of the day, the only thing matters are what you learned. Go Slowly! Believe in Yourself!

8. Error Message/Bugs

Error messages and bugs are your friends now. Get comfortable with these while coding, it’s a part of the job. It’s going to help you a lot.

9. Take Small Breaks

Always take small breaks between coding sessions, get up from the chair drink water. walk for 5 minutes, see outside the window, and get relaxed. this will boost your productivity.

10. Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Remember that no one knows everything and you are not expected to know everything. So, admit when you don’t completely understand something so that others around you can help you and celebrates your win. No matter how big or small they are, when you look back at the time when you first started learning. You are going to see how far you came, Never give up.

11. Fun Based Learning

When you code something and going to deploy it remember programming should always be fun. Create small side projects to learn things. Maybe a small game you made helps you to understand the concept faster. when you start enjoying the coding process, you will be going to be a good developer.

12. Timebox When You Are Stuck

If you gonna struggle with a problem, give yourself some time like 30 minutes or 1 hour but in limit before going to ask someone or to take help. Neither ask early nor stuck for too long.

13. Focus On Small Things

Improve yourself every day, fix a time slot to code every day. like you decided to code for 3 hours daily, so follow this. Don’t miss these 3 hours. Coding daily will boost your confidence as well as problem-solving skills. These small things matter. Small things make huge differences. Assess your silly mistakes while doing code to improve yourself.

14. Explore & Be Passionate

Always keep exploring new things in the programming world and be passionate about what you are doing or learning. New things always keep coming, find and know about it, keep yourself updated with the latest tools and trends in the coding world. Mastering what you learn but keeping knowledge of changing tech is equally important.

15. Real & Desired Projects

Making small projects while learning is a good thing. But when it comes to jobs having a better side project will give you an edge over others. Just make a project which you want to see in this world, give it a try make your imagination real. Failing is OK, at least you should try.

16. Find A Mentor and Work With Experienced Peoples

Having a good mentor is all you need to grow in the industry or to come out of problems by following the right path. Mentors can guide you to what you need to learn and what not to.

Working with experienced people helps you to learn from their experiences. while working they can share some insights which will make your life easier in the coding world.

17. Find Your Community

Community is everything in this industry. Connecting with people of similar interests and fields is all you need to get better. Having in some good communities is the best thing you can do to grab opportunities and to take help and do help.

18. Physical and Mental Health

Staying fit is a huge challenge nowadays. Sitting on a chair for long durations while coding can make you unhealthy, so take proper care of your health. It’s most important. Exercise daily! Drink lots of water! Walk around the city! Eat healthily and use the proper desk setup for coding. Do meditation in the morning and wash your eyes with cold water thrice a day. Eyes are most exposed to bright desktop screens.

19. Document And Share Experiences

No matter what you learned or achieved, document your journey. Sometimes during your learning process, you got stuck but get the solution after some time. Do share it with the world by writing blogs or making videos. Your experiences gonna help others.

20. Contribute To Open-Source

Because most coders overlook open-source contributions, I’m writing this in the final section of this article. You’ve studied everything, but how will you use your knowledge to work on a vast codebase if you don’t understand how real-world projects work? It’s also critical to have a thorough understanding of real-world software and projects. Start contributing to open source to help you achieve your goals.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Learn In Public: Post your daily learning on Twitter or LinkedIn. This will help you as well as others. By doing this, you are making yourself more open to job opportunities.
  • Use Stack Overflow: If You get stuck in coding problems and find solutions later share it there so that anyone facing the same issue in the future can take help from it.
  • Some Apps For Student Developers: Gaming apps to social media apps, everyone is using different apps. But having some proper apps to increase your productivity and boost your coding journey is also important. So Read My Article here about some suggestions.

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